Patricia S. Bellac Law Firm


  • October 5, 2016
  • Whoohoo! thanks! Patricia, I have worked with attorneys my whole professional career and your demeanor, concern and grace are unique attributes. I hope you hae continued success in your practice and my entire family is appreciative of your results.
  • ~ Russ
  • It is my pleasure to recommend Patricia. Over the past 10 years Patricia has provided my company with legal counsel in the area of employment law. Her expertise is vast. She has advised my company in various legal issues, and has always been extremely professional, knowledgeable and conscientious about her work. I highly recommend Patricia's office.

    ~ Nadia Repenning, CEO & President, Agent Sheets, Inc. 2000- present

  • September 27, 2016

    I was referred to Patricia by a trusted friend and fellow attorney after experiencing difficulties at work while I was in the midst of a terrible year-long crisis. Patricia was compassionately able to help me sort through what had happened, what might be actionable and what my next steps could be. Patricia is extremely knowledgeable, targeted and methodical in her approaches. She was able to take the most minimally invasive steps to achieve very positive outcomes. She also gave me great personal insight into dealing with my situation proactively. Eight months later, I have experienced a 180 degree shift in my work situation owing in large part to Patricia and the work she did for me. She empowered me with knowledge on my rights, took subtle steps to protect them and motivate me to give my job a second chance while still aware of actions I could take should my situation not improve.

    L. A.

  • August 30, 2016

    Dear Patricia, Thank you so much for your talent, generosity and kindness. This would not have happened without you. My life is just beginning now. With gratitude, D. and R.

  • Patricia Bellac and her associates were incredible to work with in my discrimination case against my employer.  Patricia worked tirelessly to quickly determine the facts, file the required actions and obtain the result that I needed. Not only did she determine the underlying issues quickly, she cut through the bureaucratic red tape to get to the heart of the issues.  Her negotiating skills were awesome and I highly recommend working with Patricia and her team - they were true advocates for my position. K.C., 2013