Brandon Ward

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Law Clerk


Brandon Ward is a third-year law student from CU Boulder. He is a father of three (soon to be four), has been married for ten years, and has served in the Army for more than fifteen years.

Brandon grew up in Texas and graduated from Texas Christian University in 2005. He joined the Army shortly thereafter and deployed twice to support Operation Iraqi Freedom and served several years in Germany. In 2016, Brandon earned an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin with a concentration in Entrepreneurship. Having worked in several different organizations with hugely diverse employee-engagement philosophies, Brandon grew to appreciate workplaces with positive management-employee relations. After graduation, he seeks to become an employment law attorney with a special focus on helping to resolve issues amicably for owner, manager, and employee alike.

His interests include spending quality time with his family, reading history, enjoying the beautiful scenery around Boulder, and traveling to new lands.