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  • Without people like you, this world would be a nightmare.
    I am very grateful that there are still brilliant people like you who can speak up for us little people. Thank you again for helping me. Without people like you, this world would be a nightmare.

    - T. Edwards

  • We appreciate the legal knowledge and skill
    My daughter has rheumatoid arthritis, She had been receiving disability payments from an insurance company. The company later denied coverage and we had to file an appeal. We engaged Patricia and her team to file an appeal.

    The strategy that she pursued included engaging an occupational therapist to do a thorough examination to' provide a more detailed and accurate assessment of my daughter's ability to perform any work and to challenge the report of the company's physical therapist. In additional we were referred to an independent physician who performed a physical examination as well as reviewed the progressive nature of her disease. His report provided valuable support to our appeal.

    Patricia crafted a letter with supporting exhibits that was over 100 pages in total. The insurance company has now restored the benefits.

    We appreciate the legal knowledge and skill that she and Jon Kates provided resulting in a successful appeal. For anyone facing a similar situation should contact the Patricia Bellac Law Firm for outstanding representation.

    - Frank J.

  • I can’t recommend this firm highly enough!
    Patricia and her team are top notch legal professionals. They are always available and responsive to my questions and concerns. She has years of invaluable legal experience to help her clients navigate the confusing world of dealing with insurance companies. Avoid the big law firms, you’ll only be treated like a number. Patricia and her staff are genuinely concerned for you and your case and will work hard to represent you. PSB is affordable for representation or even a simple consultation. I can’t recommend this firm highly enough!

    - Paul D.

  • I highly recommend Patricia and her team
    I recently was involved in a corporate restructuring which unfortunately put me on an accelerated path to disability for my Parkinson's ' Disease. When one of my two disability insurance carriers outright rejected me on a technicality, I turned to Patricia and team for assistance in navigating the disability labyrinth. Prior to engaging her, I was feeling very alone and under represented on this very important issue.

    Working with Patricia, she not only helped me obtain coverage on my primary claim, but also patiently reversed the claim that was initially rejected, (which my HR representative did not feel could be challenged.)

    Patricia not only was able to achieve a desirable outcome, but also provided me the expertise to work thru the challenges in a way that kept me calm through a process that can be somewhat angst ridden.

    I highly recommend Patricia and her team. They are patient, methodical and amiable and a pleasure to work with ...definitely worth every penny spent...

    - Kevin K.

  • I trust her and would recommend her
    Patricia and her team did an amazing job for me in a recent employment matter. From the first meeting, the responsiveness was incredible. She gave her expert legal advice after reflecting on the situation and was equally open to hearing my opinion and collaborating on a plan. I felt like Patricia cared about me as a person and not how the outcome would affect her. The matter was resolved with a positive outcome thanks to her hard work and patience. I trust her and would recommend her to give honest advice with your best interest at the forefront.

    - Amy M.

  • Patricia Bellac was thorough, practical & professional
    Patricia Bellac was thorough, practical & professional. She was as excellent intermediary. Representing me directly with the other party’s lawyer surely gave me better standing. Ms. Bellac also helped me understand my options as was based in case law and the reality of the court system. I did not get everything I had hoped for but a reasonable outcome was reached.

    - Jennie C.

  • I would absolutely return to her, if needed
    When I needed a lawyer quickly, to review and negotiate an agreement with a former employer, Patricia and her team were absolutely amazing. They were quick to get me scheduled, efficient in doing what was needed, and amazing at negotiating on my behalf to resolve everything in a timely manner. Patricia's communication and collaboration ensured she leveraged my insight and perspective, and that my needs were met. I would absolutely return to her, if needed.

    - Darby J.

  • Patricia and her team are amazing!
    Patricia and her team are amazing! Professional, responsive, ethical and compassionate. I never thought I would need an employment lawyer but I ended up in an unfortunate situation. I'm incredibly thankful I had Patricia on my side during this stressful period. She handled a difficult opposition gracefully and professionally. She kept me informed, listened to me and advised me. I could not have navigated through it without her.

    - Trudee A.

  • Made a Huge Difference

    You're SOOOO good at what you do and you make a huge difference to people like me. I don’t even want to think about where my life would be without having you to stick up for me. It would be awful if I had just an average attorney. I am very aware of this. You are the best of the best and the profession needs you!

    - T. Edwards

  • I appreciated her professionalism at every stage.
    Ms. Bellac took a chance when she agreed to take me on as a client in an employment related case. She was realistic about the possibility of success, about how long it might take, about how much it might cost, and about the potential financial outcome. I appreciated her professionalism at every stage. She achieved the best possible result in the circumstances.

    - Andrew M.

  • Careful attention to detail.

    (My company) FHE has used Patricia Bellac as a resource for several years. Her careful attention to the details of our corporate and employment law-associated needs has been consistently reliable and of the highest standard. Attorney Bellac also knows her limitations and has been a reliable source of referrals to other professionals who can fill various needs.

    - Mardi C.

  • Thanks!
    Whoohoo! Thanks! Patricia, I have worked with attorneys my whole professional career and your demeanor, concern, and grace are unique attributes. I hope you have continued success in your practice and my entire family is appreciative of your results.

    - Russ

  • Patricia and her team acted in a professional and timely fashion.
    Recently I had an encounter with a company regarding employment that did not materialize as promised. In need of a top lawyer, I was referred by a friend who had a favorable experience with Patricia and her team. Patricia led with a strategy that was backed by extensive case law that allowed us to prevail in mediation. Patricia and her team acted in a professional and timely fashion throughout my six-month experience. If you have any employment law issues complex or pedestrian, my recommendation is to consider using PSB Law, you will be very pleased by the experience.

    - Marc H.