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Meet Our Team

Patricia S. Bellac

Patricia S. Bellac

Patricia S. Bellac is the Managing Member Attorney of PSB Law. Since 1999, Ms. Bellac has led her firm and its many varied individual and business clients, through the legal and personal challenges of employment and business law. She is a recognized authority on a variety of employment law and business topics. A complete listing of Ms. Bellac’s accomplishments and background history, may be found here.


Jonathan L. Kates

Jonathan L. Kates is a graduate of McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. He is a full-time Paralegal and Practice Manager for PSB Law. Prior to entering the field of legal services, Mr. Kates was a management consultant emphasizing retail operations. He served as a contract executive for several high-level corporations and is a six-sigma black belt. Mr. Kates has a proven ability to support clients in defining their legal objectives. In 2017, he obtained a paralegal certificate and is now applying his background in business and operations, to the legal profession. His expertise includes a strong understanding of finance analysis, contracts, and insurance.

Jeannette Image

Jeannette Walker Kornreich

Jeannette Walker Kornreich is a 25-year attorney with extensive experience in civil rights and employment law matters. Her background includes working in both the private and public sectors. Ms. Kornriech brings a depth of experience for State of Colorado public employees.

Brandon Ward

Brandon Ward is a third-year law student from CU Boulder. He is a father of three (soon to be four), has been married for ten years, and has served in the Army for more than fifteen years.