Patricia Bellac Featured in Colorado Trial Lawyers Association Magazine, Trial Talk

In 2020, Patricia represented a former employee in the healthcare field who was threatened and then sued based on enforcement of a noncompete agreement by her former employer. In court, prior to costly discovery taking place, Patricia and co-counsel succeeded on a motion for declaratory judgment in favor of the employee, ending the trial in its tracks.

“Employees and their future employers want a definitive answer to the question of whether a noncompete agreement is enforceable, and this question is urgent in terms of the employees’ future employment,” she wrote. Her article, entitled “Efficiently Resolving Non-Compete Cases Via Declaratory Judgment Actions in Colorado,” found here, describes how the declaratory judgment trial experience proceeded, the legal standards that applied in the proceedings, and the substantive law regarding noncompete agreements in Colorado.

Her article was originally published in the CTLA quarterly magazine, Trial Talk, for the April-June 2021 issue and is available online.

If you are an employee under a noncompete agreement, or an employer seeking to enforce a noncompete agreement, in Colorado and would like assistance in evaluating your options, contact Patricia S. Bellac Law Firm at (303) 622-3883 or via our online form. We are happy to help you. Thank you!

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